• Script Supervising (non-union; examples of reports & references available)
  • Story Consulting
  • Story Editing
  • Writing Room Assistance
  • Production Assistance
  • Research
  • Transcription (epk, interviews, as-produced scripts, etc.)


  • Individual and Group Workshops
  • Creative and Technical Writing Development
  • Story Structuring, Outlines, First Drafts
  • Final Draft Workshops
  • Introduction to Social Media 
  • and more!

Who would I hire?

Andrea Wrobel is a Writer based in Toronto, Ontario. Her written work has been published in print (Broken Pencil, Mandalit, Bywords, Static Zine), and web-based newspapers (Toronto Social Review, The Charlatan). She currently has a half-hour television property in development with a Toronto-based production company and regularly works in the industry as a script supervisor and executive assistant.

Since graduating from English Literature and Film Studies at Carleton University in Ottawa, Andrea has been a part of the Toronto, Vancouver, LA, and Ottawa film industries on projects throughout development, production, and post. She has extensive set and script experience and is a reliable asset to any crew.

In the past five years, Andrea has worked as a script supervisor, story coordinator, script consultant, writing assistant and researcher on a variety of well-known, award-winning shows; from CBC and Rhombus Media’s Michael: Everyday to HBO Canada’s Sensitive Skin, to Bruce McCulloch’s City TV sitcom Young Drunk Punk!

For a taste of her writing, you can read “Eraser” online here (8 minute read), which was published in the Spring 2014 issue of Broken Pencil Magazine.

Resume | IMDb

  • WRITER, Bullied (short film), 2017
  • SCRIPT SUPERVISOR, Jessica Jessica (indie short), 2017
  • PRODUCTION ASSOCIATE, Flatliners (Arcaders Productions), 2017
  • SCRIPT SUPERVISOR, My Life is a Joke (BravoFact short), 2017
  • WRITER/DIRECTOR, Side Streets (short film), 2017
  • PRODUCTION ASSOCIATE, Crawford S1 (CBC), 2017
  • PRODUCER'S ASSISTANT, Cardinal S2/S3 (CTV), 2017
  • WRITER/DIRECTOR, Karolina & The Barrel (short doc), 2017
  • STORY COORDINATOR, Michael: Everyday (Rhombus/CBC), 2016/2017
  • PRODUCER, The Peakbaggers (doc series), 2016/2017
  • PRODUCER'S ASSISTANT, Cardinal S1 (CTV), 2017
  • PRODUCER'S ASSISTANT, Sienna Films, 2015/2016
  • DIRECTOR'S ASSISTANT, Don McKellar Various, 2015/2016/2017
  • STORY COORDINATOR, Sensitive Skin S2 (HBO), 2015
  • TRANSCRIPTION, Closet Monster (Rhombus Feature), 2015
  • EVENT COORDINATOR, Ottawa International Film Festival, 2015
  • STORY COORDINATOR, Bedwetter (Theatre), 2015
  • STORY COORDINATOR, Young Drunk Punk (CTV) w/Bruce McCulloch, 2014
  • STORY COORDINATOR, Mark McKinney Various, 2014
  • WRITING ASSISTANT, Bob Martin Various, 2014
  • WRITING ASSISTANT, Mark McKinney Various, 2014
  • TRANSCRIPTION, Enemy (Rhombus Feature), 2013
  • ASSISTANT PRODUCER, Sienna Films, 2012/2013/2014
  • STORY COORDINATOR, Michael: Tuesday & Thursday (Rhombus/CBC), 2011/2012
  • PRODUCTION ASSISTANT, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (Bad Robot Feature), 2010
  • DIRECTOR'S ASSISTANT, House at the End of the Street (FilmNation Feature), 2010
  • WRITER/DIRECTOR, Dust (experimental short), 2010
  • PRODUCTION ASSISTANT, She-Rex (Brett Kelly Ent.), 2009/2010
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